Mission 1 文部科学省認定・実用英語技能検定1級に合格せよ
Part 6 - 英検1級合格


長谷川剛 英検1級合格証明書



(Endorsement): The Society for Testing English Proficiency conducts a program which objectively tests English proficiency in the four main areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. This certificate shows that the person designated possesses the English proficiency level of the grade in which he or she has been certified. Grade 1: Advanced. Able to understand a broad range of written and spoken English and fluently express personal views in both formal and informal settings. Can understand lectures, make presentations, write reports, and actively participate in debates and discussions at a post-secondary academic level.


Mission Accomplished! (任務完了) ではありますが、あまりよい点数で合格していないので、大喜びできる状況ではありません。次回は是非とも、高得点で合格してみたいものです。

Copyright (C) Hasegawa Tsuyoshi (2004)
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